About Project Remedy

For users, searching our database of trusted professionals is free of charge.

For small and medium-sized businesses lacking the time or resources, Project Remedy offers an easy and affordable way to promote their services. Businesses wishing to join Project Remedy undergo a credential check to qualify. This assessment allows customers to make an informed hiring decision.

When a business joins Project Remedy, our task is to support them and to bring new customers to them through our intensive Marketing and Business Development activities  – so our service professionals can focus on what they do best.

Our Mission

At Project Remedy, our mission is to bring best-in-class single-source solutions to customers looking for assistance with any project that they may have.

We focus on working with qualified, certified service professionals in an environment that is quick, simple and affordable to use. We bring these services to our customers in an easy and manageable way that makes both the customer and the service provider want to work with Project Remedy into the future.

Our Promise

To our professionals

We promise to provide a service that is easy to use, easy to afford and easily the best way to connect with new customers.

To our users

We promise to connect you quickly, easily, and free of charge to our roster of skilled, trusted, locally-based contractors, repair experts and other professional service providers…to get the job done!


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