How much does it cost to use Project Remedy?

Nothing. Project Remedy is free for users. Only our professionals pay to use our site.


Why should I trust your professionals?

Every professional service provider who joins our roster has undergone a vigorous application process. We ensure all their qualifications and memberships are paid and up-to-date in order to register. And we moderate our user reviews to ensure they are fair, accurate and genuine.


How do I get in touch with one of your professionals?

Search our Professional Profile Pages to find the person you want to hire for your project or need. Then call or email them. It’s that simple.


Do I pay you a finders fee?

No. You only pay the contractor or service provider you hire.


So I have no obligation to Project Remedy whatsoever?

We only ask that you leave a fair, honest and accurate review of the services provided by the professional you contact and hire through Project Remedy.




Why should I use Project Remedy?

Project Remedy does the marketing for you, while you focus on dong what you do best: answering customers’ needs.  We invest heavily to give our users (a.k.a. your potential new business leads!) a convenient, reassuring,  one-stop shopping experience when they visit this site.

By joining Project Remedy, you become part of an elite list of professionals who have proved they’re qualified to deliver the best results for customers in need of help.


How much does it cost to find new customers through Project Remedy?

Don’t be surprised if it’s less than you pay now – especially when you factor in the value you get with Project Remedy! You pay a flat monthly fee of just $150, for all the page views and live leads you can handle. And when we say “page views” we mean: of your business profile page – with user reviews and all the photos and offers you care to add. Not the boring three-line, text-only “entry” you are limited to on generic directory sites!


How do people find the Project Remedy website?

We heavily promote and market the website to potential customers so you can do what you do best!