Project Remedy service providers pay only for real results!

It’s in your best interest to make your professional profile page as attractive and enticing as possible. Combined with our credential check and user ratings and reviews, your profile page will generate page views and live leads, aka…new business for you! Here’s how it works:


PR ViewsViews that mean business!

Forget  additional charges and complicated percentages! With Project Remedy you pay a flat monthly fee of $150 for all the page views and live leads your profile can generate! And while other sites charge a similar fee for an “entry” that is often only two or three lines with no images – Project Remedy gives you a full page, with reviews, ratings and as many photos as you like!






PR Leads

Get ready for real time live leads!

While views are good, live leads are even better: When a visitor clicks the “contact us” link on your profile page, you’ll know about it right away.  And when that happens, don’t wait – or your lead could go elsewhere! It’s vital that you respond ASAP!  Click here to Register